Ray's $3 for 3s - Joslin Diabetes Center

Ray Allen made history last year by beating the all-time 3-point record with 168 shots in one season! This year Ray and his #1 Fan, mom Flora Allen-Hopson, are dedicating themselves once again to supporting Joslin Diabetes Center in their fight against diabetes through the $3 for 3s program.

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How does it work?
When you sign up, you will have a choice of how you can participate:

1.)Be a Season-Long Supporter. You will sponsor every 3-point shot Ray makes from the first game of the season through the playoffs.

ExampleBefore today, Ray shot 30 3-pointers (30x$3=$90). Your donation would include $90 to start to cover these previously made shots, and then will build as the season continues. You will continue to sponsor every 3-pointer he makes for the rest of the season, including playoffs. Regardless of when you sign up as a Season-Long Supporter, you will be charged for all of Ray's 3 pointers from the start of the season in December until the end of playoffs.

Season-Long Supporters will be invited to attend a post-season VIP Reception and also be entered in monthly raffles to win fabulous Celtics prizes like autographed Ray Allen jerseys and posters!


2.)Become a supporter for a month! Sponsor all of Ray's 3-pointers for one calendar month of your choosing. You will sponsor every shot during that month and you will be charged after the month is over.


3.)Make a one time donation of your choice!

Click here to sign up!

To learn more about this program please contact Jessica Orndorff at jessica.orndorff@joslin.harvard.edu or 617-309-2534.


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Make a One Time Donation
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